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EL 7P Powders & Granules Emptying Machine

Fully automatic machine for emptying of single or double layer sacks or bags made of synthetics, paper or jute, containing powders or granules.


Particle Free Environment

Working in a particle-free environment is essential for ensuring a healthy and safe working area, in particular when dealing with toxic materials.

We offer different types of filtration systems to prevent the emission of particles.

Ultra Hygiene When Dealing With Raw Materials For The Food Industry.

Quality and food safety are critical in food industry, which is why we have many solutions to prevent contamination and pollution.

Atex Complying

Complying With Atex Regulations

We have solutions to comply with ATEX regulations regarding the risk of gas and dust explosions

In House Testing Facilities

Our testing facilities allows us to test your products on our machines

Empty Bags Compacting

We have equipment to press the empty bags into compact packages


Available Options are:

Automatic pallets feeding

Automatic pallets discharge

Pallets stacker

Empty bags compactor

Filtration systems according to the dust characteristics

Ventilation systems

Pneumatic or mechanical conveying of products

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